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The New Approach and European standardisation have contributed significantly to the development of the Single Market. The success of the European standardisation system, in removing technical barriers to trade, has played a vital role in ensuring the free movement of goods between Member States.

This Web site has been realised to increase the visibility of New Approach Standardisation in Europe and to provide information on the standardisation process. This site provides access to information on standards and routes into the standardisation process, irrespective of which of the three European Standards Organisations is responsible for the standards applicable to the products:
Information on the New Approach legislation is available in the Guide to the Implementation of Directives based on New Approach and Global Approach.

This Web site represents the joint efforts of the three European Standards Organisations (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI) together with both the European Commission and EFTA.

Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and is not a legal advice. Neither the European Commission, EFTA, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI nor any person acting on behalf of these Institutions/Organisations is responsible for the use which might be made of the information.